Few Words About Me

Hi, this is Molly, avid skier, keen voyager travelling round the Europe. My travel-passion has born just a few years ago, when I did my very first trip abroad.

Before I was 18 I had never been to any other country then England. Indeed, I when I was younger I didn’t give a huge importance to the matter of travelling. I used to be always interested more in a different kind of stuff. Everything has changed when I went abroad for the very first time.

The big big country where I was heading for was Germany. Personally, I would rather go to some warm place like Spain or Portugal and so on, but my friends that made me go with them were truly fascinated by the stuff they might do in this great country, Germany. Saying about the stuff I mean freeskiing. And here the whole story has its beginning.

This is the story about my trips and my biggest passion which is freeskiing. Not only was I a travel layman till my 18 but also I used to be a total lazy-bones. I mean, I was interested in a few pretty cool things like soccer or horses but I have never knew how it is to be into something up to the mines. I had never had such passion. And then, when my friends managed to encourage me to go with them I finally felt how it is to have your own passion that you can devote a lot for.

This passion, my passion turned out to be travelling and freeskiing. And you know what is the best of it? It’s that I can successfully link these two and do it in the same time. Since the first trip to Germany I decided to travel a lot around the whole continent and develop my ski skills wherever it is possible. Today I can call myself a very active traveller and skier.

Well, as you may suspect, this blog is a kind of my personal diary. You can find here a lot about awesome spots for free skiing cross Europe. Back, I would be happy if you guys recommend me another unexplored spots I have no idea about.

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Me, during Dortmund Winter Fest, 2008
Me, during Dortmund Winter  Ski Fest, 2008