Zakopane tour and PFO 2018

Since my last participation in Polish Freeskiing Open in 2016 I was thinking about visiting this country again. I wanted to take a long trip and have the opportunity to discover some famous places. Especially Krakow and Zakopane were on my list. Last time I had managed to visit Zakopane,but only for one day cause I couldn’t afford for a longer stay. I wasn’t able to go on Zakopane tour from Krakow, like I wished to do. That’s why I had been saving for my trip in 2018 to discover more. This time Zakopane tour from Krakow was the part and parcel of my trip.


I was very excited because of the winter competition in Kotlnica Bialczanska. As always I met there a lot of amazing people with a huge passion for winter sports. I’d been training for the past two years and had high hopes for the win. However, I wasn’t disappointed when I heard the verdict – the 2nd place! I was unimaginably happy and felt like my dreams just came true. But another dream was yet to come – Zakopane tour from Krakow was my award.

After celebrating the victory with friends I took the bus heading to Krakow. My hotel was located in Krakow old town so I was right in the centre of this beautiful city. I had decided to wake up early in the morning every day. I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity of being there as much as I could. Since the first day it was a pleasure to walk through the charming Krakow old town. The architecture of the city impressed me a lot. I saw plenty of interesting monuments, as Krakow has amazingly rich history. The most impressive place for me was the Wawel castle, from where the beautiful landscape is rolling. Beside the Krakow old town I discovered other districts as well. Kazimierz – the Jewish quarter has let me find out about the Jewish history and culture in Poland.

winter in zakopane

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to go on Zakopane tour from Krakow anymore. I booked a guided tour with KrakowDirect and didn’t regret that. It gave me the opportunity to visit Zakopane and see its best advantages. The atmosphere of the city is amazing, especially during the winter time. I was very impressed by the big ski jump. It’s called Wielka Krokiew and has been the place of the winter championship many times. I tried some ski slope in Zakopane and it was fun. Although it is a very small city, Zakopane has a lot of attractions to offer. Thanks to the Zakopane tour from Krakow I was able to experience all them in both cities.

I’m sure I’ll participate in the next PFO competition next year. Although I have done it already, I’ll try to visit Zakopane and see Krakow old town again!